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Looking for horse

From: Jaquie

Dear Jessica! You always have good ideas and I hope you have one for me. My niece is eleven and she has always loved horses and wanted a horse of her own. She has had lessons for three years and is a good rider. The whole (extended) family has gotten together to get her one for Christmas, we are a very big family and her grandparents have a farm so it is not like city people buying a horse for a present. Jaquie

Hi Jaquie! Lucky Caitlin, that's an incredible Christmas gift. Yes, I have a suggestion for you: buy her a copy of "Horse Buyer's Notebook". It costs around $15-16, and it's a sturdy spiral-bound book that will let her write and draw in all the details of each horse she sees. It's designed to help horse-buyers evaluate and compare the horses they see. Your tack store or bookstore should be able to get this for you. If you want something else small, consider giving her one of the little disposible cameras (they're surprisingly useful) so that she can take photos of each of the horses you've found for her to inspect.

I hope your Christmas is as good as Caitlin's. ;-)


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