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The Horse Show online

From: Alice

Hi Jessica! You help us so much, I'm almost embarrassed to write you this because it looks kind of trivial. Well anyway. It's about that radio show you told us about, The Horse Show With Rick Lamb. I heard it a couple of times when I was staying with a friend, but our local stations don't carry it and I really want to listen to it, especially your interviews. How can I get our stations to carry it? I asked them but they weren't really interested I guess.

Thanks a lot for all you do. Alice

Hi Alice! You'll notice that I changed your subject line -- that's because I was about to send this note out anyway` ;-) The Horse Show is now online -- including audio, thanks to a "Listen" feature. You can go to the website and hear a lot of the interviews with me and other people. Visit the website and then let the Horse Show people know what you think!

The website is

Not all the interviews are actually up yet, but go check it out anyway. Rick is planning to leave most interviews online for about 5 weeks, but mine may stay up longer as a special courtesy to the HORSE-SENSE subscribers (thanks, Rick).

As for how to convince your local radio stations to carry the show, I'll bet you could put up a petition at local barns and tack shops and feed stores, and take it in to the stations when it's full of signatures. That ought to make them sit up an take notice. ;-)


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