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Videos for dressage

From: Angela

Dear Jessica, I was at Equitana and attended the Classical Riding Panel. I thought that all of you were great, but I specially liked your answers and comments. It seems like you can always make sense of things and explain them so that everyone can understand, and you never put anyone down for asking any kind of question. It was great to see you "in action" in person! When you answered the question about good dressage videos, you suggested that Charles De Kunffy had some very good ones. I have seen one of his and enjoyed it a lot but I need some videos that are a lot more basic and kind of take me through exercises, in a step by step kind of way. Are there any videos like this? I have the USDF On The Levels tapes, but they aren't exactly what I am looking for either. I want videos that would be kind of like having an instructor there with me. Is that too much to ask for? Are there any real basic videos that are very detailed? Please help me! I do have an instructor and she would like to help me more, and she is very open to the idea of videos that we can both learn from. Basically we just both run out of ideas about things to do, and it's hard, especially in winter when we have to work indoors all the time. Thank you Jessica, you're the best -- your fan, Angela.

Hi Angela! I'm glad you had the chance to attend the Classical Riding Panel. It's such fun to do, and I think it's entirely worthwhile. If you have a moment, drop a line to the organizers at Equitana and tell them how much you enjoyed it -- if enough people let them know that it's wanted and appreciated, we'll be able to do it again next year. I'd love to do it on two days instead of just one... maybe someday.

Yes, there are videos that will work very well for you and your instructor, and I'm delighted to know that you'll be working together!

I think that you will really enjoy a new three-video series called "Gymnastic Patterns with Leslie Webb". She talks about, and demonstrates, just how to use patterns to train your horse. Each video is about 45 minutes, and each one has patterns, examples, explanations, and suggestions that will help you improve your training (not to mention get through those long winters working in the indoor arena!).

Video I is called "Influence" (7 exercises); Video II is called "Alignment" (8 exercises); Video III is called "Engagement" (6 exercises).

They're well-made, clear, and helpful; you could use them to work on your own, but you'll have even more fun working with your instructor! And I think that your instructor will find the videos useful for her own riding and teaching, whether her students are working their way up to Intro Level or are performing well at Third Level.

Now, here's how you can find the videos: if your local tack store doesn't have them, you can get them direct from Leslie's website:


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