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Horse growth and pony's legal height

From: Cheryl

Just a quick question - At approximately what age do horse stop growing in height? I'm thinking of purchasing a large pony that will be 4 shortly and am wondering if in a couple of year he will be beyong the pony height. Thanks

Hi Cheryl! I'd be careful if I were you. Horses continue to grow and mature until they are six or seven years old. Some Warmbloods take another year or two to reach full height. If you're looking at a three-year-old pony and thinking about a show career for him, you may want to think ahead to what you will do if he does grow a little too tall for the division.

Pony-measuring is a hot topic at big shows, and both judges and breeders know perfectly well that ponies don't stop growing at age four. There's a very good reason that you can't get a permanent height card for a pony of that age!

If this pony is at the lower end of the height division now, he might not go over it in another year or two or three, but there are no guarantees. Think out your "worst-case scenario" - let's say that you buy him and two years from now he IS too tall. What then?

If this is a wonderful, talented pony with a good disposition, he'll be easy to sell even if he does get too tall - but he will probably go to a Pony Clubber rather than to someone who would have the same height/show division problems that you may have. The drawback here will be the price you may get for him. I would say that if he's a lovely pony and you really want him AND you have a contingency plan for what to do with him if he gets too tall, you are probably safe to go ahead and buy him - but don't pay "silly money" for him.

Good luck!


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