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Summer as working student

From: Sandie

Dear Jessica, I am thinking about spending next summer as a working student. I was wondering what kind of things you think a working student needs to know to get such a position. I am showing my horse over 3'3" jumps and I can ride First Level dressage tests. Do you think I would be more likely to get a working student job if I could show at 3'6" and do Second Level tests? I am willing to take extra lessons this year if that's what I'll need to know. Please tell me what you think.

Your fan, Sandie p.s. I am seventeen years old

Hi Sandie! Being a working student is a lot of work, and if you decide to do this, be sure that you know what you are getting into. If you've already picked the person you want to work with, talk to that person about what you will need to know and do - and don't forget to talk to some of his or her working students! Sometimes working student situations look great on paper but can be a little different in reality. The more you find out about someone's actual working students' lives, schedules, and duties, the more accurately you will be able to determine whether you're likely to enjoy working for that person.

Unless your position is going to involve schooling or even exercising horses, your riding skills are probably much less important than your barn skills and general organizational skills.