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One horse in a trailer

From: Wanda

Hello Jessica, I would like to begin by saying I love your newsletter. I just have one quick question when trailering your horse in a two horse trailer which side should the (one horse only) be in. The left side or the right? Thank You, Wanda

Hi Wanda! It depends on what country you live in. ;-) If you live in the USA or Canada, where you would drive on the right side of the road, a single horse should be put in the left side of the two-horse trailer. If you live in the UK where you would drive on the left side of the road, you would put the single horse into the right side of the trailer. Roads are generally slightly higher toward their center and lower toward the edge, and trailers can tip and tilt if you go around turns with the heavy, tall weight in the trailer (the horse) to the low side of the turn.

It also depends on the horse. ;-) Most horses, given a choice, would prefer to ride with their bodies angled across the full width of a two-horse trailer. If you have one horse to haul, and your two-horse trailer has a center partition that can be removed, why not take out the partition and allow the horse as much room as possible in the trailer? He'll travel more comfortably and be less stiff and sore when he arrives.


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