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Large dressage arena mnemonic

From: Ronnie

Dear Jessica, I once heard you give someone a mnemonic device for remembering the order of the dressage arena letters. I'm moving to a new barn where nobody else does dressage, but I have permission to put letters up all around the arena for my own use. I have flat letters that I can tack to the walls. I'm very excited about this but want to be sure that I get them all in the right order, and I am just no good with lists of letters or numbers, they have to correspond to something or I can't remember them at all. At the clinic where I was auditing, you told someone that they could remember the small arena with "All King Edward's Horses..." something something something. I forgot. I wasn't riding dressage very seriously back then, but now I am a lot more interested. This arena is big enough to put the other 4 letters in, but where do they go and how can I remember them please? I can't even remember the other 4 letters. Thank you! Ronnie

Hi Ronnie! It is exciting to move somewhere new, and how very nice of the owner to let you put up your letters around the arena. Yes, the small arena mnemonic I use is "All King Edward's Horses Call Me Bloody Fool" - or, to go the other direction "All Fat Bay Mares Can Hardly Ever Kick".

The other 4 letters are quite easy to remember: just think R.S.V.P.

As for adding them to the arena, no worries, you'll just need a longer mnemonic. Here's one that works for me:

"All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall"

There are probably better ones out there, but I find these easy to remember. If you invent one that works well for you, let me know what it is!


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