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Hauling a mare and foal

From: Christine

Hi Jessica,

I am a new subscriber to your web site; I totally love it! I will soon be sending a support donation. I believe in supporting a good thing. Keep up the good advice!

I hope you can help me with my question. I have a 6 week old foal and will be bringing my baby and mare home in a couple of weeks. (I hope) My question to you; How old should a foal be to trailer and haul? Also, is there a certain way the foal should be transported? I know at this age you shouldn't be using any kind of leads or restraints. Also, is a stock trailer better than a side by side? Again, thanks Jessica.

Hi Chris! Thanks for the kind words; I'm glad you're enjoying HORSE-SENSE.

A stock trailer would be ideal for hauling a mare and foal together - just leave them both loose in the trailer. If you don't have access to a stock trailer, a large two-horse trailer with the partition removed is also a good option. In order to leave the horses untied, you may want to use screened windows on the back of the trailer - you want maximum ventilation, but you don't want to provide any openings of a size that might tempt a horse to jump out (or anything else to jump in).

By the time your foal gets onto the trailer, he will be eight weeks old - well able to handle a trailer ride, provided that the trailer is safe, his mother is with him,

Be sure that the driver is experienced, careful, and skilled, so that the ride won't be traumatic for the horses. If the trailer is comfortable and safe, and the driver is good, then the experience should be fine for both mare and foal.

The foal will follow his mother's lead, so be sure to handle her quietly and kindly. If the mare is relaxed and calm about traveling in the trailer, her foal will probably be very relaxed as well.

Good luck, and congratulations on bringing your baby home!


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