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Stock trailer for one horse and one cart

From: Karen

Hi Jessica, I have tried every which way to find an answer to these questions. I have one small Morgan mare and a stock trailer with divider in the middle. I also wish to haul a cart or sleigh in the trailer (the purpose for buying this type of trailer). Is it better, safer to load my horse in the front or rear of the trailer?? Is it better to tie her (which way?) or leave her loose?? Obviously, the cart will go in which every section the horse is not. Thanks more than you know! Karen

Hi Karen! The lovely thing about stock trailers is that the compartments are both airy AND completely enclosed. Your mare will have fresh air to breathe, and you'll be able to leave her loose to stand in whatever position or positions will make her feel most balanced and comfortable, with no worries about her attempting to jump out.

If you had a very light cart and a very large and heavy horse, it would be safer to put the horse in the front compartment. But as your mare is small, if your towing vehicle is suitable and you're using a weight distribution hitch, you should safely be able to put her into either compartment. Some people prefer to have the horse in the front compartment so that they can watch the horse in the rear-view mirror, and also so as to avoid potential injury should someone else's vehicle strike the trailer from behind; other people, also concerned about potential accidents, prefer to have the horse in the back compartment so that they can get to it more directly and easily in case they need to remove it from the trailer in an emergency.


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