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Freeze-branding a foal

From: B.P

My Filly was born on April 22, 2006. How soon can I freeze brand her?


Hi B.P.! Congratulations on your new filly! You can have her freeze-branded at any time, but remember that if you brand here whilst she's still very small, you should use a small brand, because the brand will increase in size as your filly grows.

If your filly is, or is going to be, registered with a particular breed or registry association, check with that association about its requirements and recommendations. Some organizations - the American Trakehner Association is one such - prefer that foals be branded shortly before weaning, at the end of their first summer, because this will allow the brand to reach the "ideal" size when the foal matures. If your filly's brand is just an ownership mark, not a registry one, you can apply it at any time - provided, of course, that it complies with whatever rules your state may have regarding brand size and location.


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