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AHSA's Foreign Substance Rule

From: Tina

Hi Jessica,

I really enjoy HorseSense when I get a chance to read it!

My question is regarding the foreign substance rule in AHSA. From reading E-L, you may recall that my 14yo Arabian gelding has COPD. He's been on a maintenance dose of Prednisone (200 mg every 3rd day) and I get the impression that the vet wants to keep him on that maintenance dose. I'd like to be able to show him again someday if only in Trail. If I do end up showing him again, are we at risk of being disqualified because of the Pred? Or do they look at individual circumstances and take into account the horse being under a veterinarian's care for a condition requiring certain types of medication?



Hi Tina! You'll need to check with the show management before you enter, just to be sure that you know which rules apply. It's true that prednisone is a forbidden substance for horses showing under No Foreign Substance rules. But the AHSA also has Therapeutic Substance rules, and under those, prednisone is an unrestricted therapeutic substance!

- Jessica

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