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book for new horse owner

From: Allie

Dear Jessica, thank you for horse sense, you can't imagine how secure it makes me feel to know that you are there to turn to whenever I have a question or a problem. I need advice about books. My best friend from college is finally fulfilling her dream and buying a horse of her own. She hasn't ridden much and hasn't leased a horse, but she feels that she is ready, and I think it will be okay because she will have lessons with my instructor (who is also a really big fan of yours!) and her new horse will be boarded where I board my horse. I have already bought her YOUR book, of course, I can't imagine any adult rider not wanting that one! But I would like to get her another book or books for Christmas, and in looking through my own collection I realized that most of mine are about dressage or showing, and what I want is something more general, with some information about jumping, and a lot of information about horse care and horse handling. What would you suggest?

Thank you so much! Allie

Dear Allie -- thanks, I'm glad to know that you're enjoying horse-sense!

Of course I'll be happy to suggest books -- and the best, all-purpose basic information book, IMO, is the first volume of the USPC Manual of Horsemanship. Look for Volume One -- the author of all three volumes is Susan Harris, who did the wonderful drawings you'll find inside. Don't be put off by the Pony Club logo! It's a great resource for adults, teens, anyone at all who is just beginning a life with horses. It's also a good gift to start giving -- you can give her Volume Two next year. ;-) There are other good books out there, but this would, truly, be my first choice for someone in her situation. Another very useful one, focused on riding rather than riding-plus-horse-care, is Lesley Bayley's The Less Than Perfect Rider -- this one might be a great birthday present. ;-)

Your friend is lucky to be living her dream, and she is also lucky to have you to guide her! Please congratulate her for me.


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