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Careers With Horses

From: "Barbara Corum"


Thank you for Horse-Sense and your book. I enjoy both very much!

I thought you might be able to provide some information for me. I have a friend in her early 20's who is interested in a career working with horses. She is a very good student, presently attending a State University, but can't seem to make up her mind about a major. She loves horses and has done quite well teaching students in dressage, English Pleasure, etc. She's good with children--many of her students have won ribbons at the local schooling shows. I think she'd be happiest in a career involving horses and I'd like to give her some ideas of what careers are available working with horses--something that she could make a living at. I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have as well as names of schools she could attend. She lives in central California and does not have much money. Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi Barbara -- thanks for the kind words! If your friend wants to teach, she should become a certified riding instructor, and I highly recommend the American Riding Instructor Certification Program. There are other good options for certification (for example: the British Horse Society is offering testing and certification in the USA), but I think that this might suit her needs. She can reach the ARICP by telephone at (603) 875-7771, or by e-mail at

If she has a birthday coming up, I would suggest that you give her this book: 50 Careers With Horses, by Bonnie Kreitler. The ISBN is 0-914327-60-7, and any bookstore should be able to order it for you. This book goes far beyond the usual career suggestions of "vet, instructor, trainer, farrier", and it provides a wealth of information about each of the professions mentioned, including how to find relevant jobs, what sort of background is required for each, and what sort of money each profession is likely to provide. It's a wonderful resource for anyone considering a career with horses.


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