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Dry Paddock management

From: Teresa

Hi Jessica! I have a question regarding dry paddock management. I have 3 horses on a one acre paddock. I like to have them turned out at all times, except when the weather is really bad. I try to pick up the manure as often as possible, however, sometimes I don't get to it for a few days. I am wondering about the hazards of manure left on a paddock, such as worm infestations. My paddock is dry, as nothing grows there. I feed the horses on a dirt hill where it is always dry, and they never drop manure there. Any information you can provide would be very helpful!!

Thanks for all the great information you provide!

Teresa Curly, Shachah and Cheyenne

Hi Teresa! I agree with you about the importance of horses getting as much turnoug as possible.

It sounds to me as though you're doing very well by your horses. It IS important to remove manure from paddocks and pastures, and you seem to have that matter well under control. Worm infestations are likely to be a problem in cases where a small paddock or field is (a) overcrowded, (b) full of horses that are not on a regular and effective deworming program, and (c) not cleaned up frequently. Daily clean-up would be ideal, but if your paddock is large enough, I'm sure that your horses won't suffer if you occasionally aren't able to get to the manure for a few days. Since your horses eat in another area, away from the manure, and you clean the paddock regularly in any case, you are doing infinitely better than those who clean their paddocks on a monthly basis, or not at all!

The way you are managing your horses, your deworming program can be effective and your horses will definitely be healthier and happier. I'm sure your veterinarian must be VERY pleased with you. ;-)


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