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Horse show insurance

From: Kathy

Dear Jessica, you're a saint to put up with all of the questions we ask you, but I know we're all grateful for your help. My husband even calls you "Saint Jessica". <BG>

My question is about horse show insurance. We have insurance on our farm, and we want to have our first horse show, just a small one, in June. We're really excited about it. We belong to an organization that is sponsoring the show, and it has insurance that covers horse shows. So my question is this: does our farm need some kind of additional insurance for the show? I thought we were covered by the association's insurance, but my husband thinks maybe we need something more. What do you advise?

Thanks for everything you do for all of us, Saint Jessica!

Kathy and Don

Hi Kathy! I don't think I'm "saint" material, but thanks for the thought -- and the kind words. ;-)

I advise that you talk to your insurance agent. You've got a policy on your farm, and that's good -- now find out about event insurance. It's true that a lot of organizations buy "event liability insurance", but it's my understanding that this covers claims brought by spectators, not by participants. So you may indeed need more coverage, and that's where your agent will come in.

I hope that horse insurance questions are very familiar to your insurance company and your particular agent, because horse insurance matters are specialized and require special knowledge. You need to be very sure about the terms of the policy you already have, and understand exactly what's covered and what isn't, so that you may get additional insurance if you need it. Ask your agent a lot of "what if" questions, and ask him (or her) to explain exactly how your policy (or the policy you're considering purchasing) covers each situation.

Be safe, not sorry -- and have a great show!


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