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Your lectures and books

Dear Jessica, thank you for all that you do for us. You've helped me and my family so many times! My husband and I attended all of your presentations at the Northern Illinois Horse Fest, and we enjoyed them tremendously and learned so much. I was amazed that you could tell what kind of equipment that Quarter Horse had been worked in just by looking at his muscles, but it does make sense. Anyway, my question is more about your books, and about something I think you could do better.

We went through the trade stands and did some shopping, and we were looking for your booth. Apparently you didn't have one, and that just doesn't make sense to me. If you're doing demonstrations and lectures, you should have a booth where people can buy things. All of the other presenters had booths and they were selling books and videotapes and shirts and halters and bits and just all kinds of equipment. Brian talked with a couple of them and they said that they made more from selling stuff than they made from the presentations. I saw a lot of "logo" stuff including a lot of shirts and jackets and saddle pads.

So what I want to know is, why didn't you have a booth to sell things like this? You have a very beautiful logo. I would buy a shirt or a saddle pad with that on it! Brian wants to know when you will have training videos. And I just want to remind you that people who come to demonstrations need a place where they can buy your books. I saw you signing some books but I couldn't find anyplace to buy them. Brian thinks that you are missing out on some good marketing opportunities, and I think that he is right. He's in marketing and he knows a lot about this stuff. He thinks you should do a shirt with your logo and HORSE-SENSE on it, for subscribers! We'd buy the first ones!

Your fan,


Hi Cathy! Thanks for the kind words, and the next time you're attending a lecture or demonstration, come over and say hello.

You're right, I didn't have a booth. I was offered one, but I didn't want it. Here's why.

What I like to do is teach. I'm happy to teach clinics, to do demonstrations, and to give lectures and presentations, but my idea of fun is TEACHING, not SELLING. I don't have special halters and lead ropes, and I'm not going to have any -- there are plenty of good halters and lead ropes already on the market. There are also plenty of good bits and saddles already on the market. Instead of trying to get everyone to buy MY brand of bit or saddle, I'd rather spend my time teaching people how to select the right bits and saddles for their horses. ;-)

The nice thing about books is that they are available through bookstores and tackshops -- and don't forget libraries! They're also available from if you prefer to order online. ;-) I don't need to sell books at presentations and clinics. I generally have a few books with me, but I can't carry huge boxes of books everywhere, and there's really no need anyway -- as long as those books are in print, they're available everywhere. If someone wants an autograph, that's no problem -- the people whose books you saw me signing at the Horse Fest brought their copies with them, and I was very happy to sign them.

I like my logo very much -- I designed it myself and a terrifically talented artist created it. I do put it on shirts and saddle pads occasionally. I promise you that I'll think about making some for sale. And your husband's idea about a HORSE-SENSE shirt is interesting. I'll give that some thought as well, I promise. ;-)


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