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Stable management as a career

From: Kelly

Hello, I have a young person in my county interested in stable-management as a career. I have no information in my office on the topic. Where should i recommend that she go for more information or what information is out there on the topic? Thank-you for your assistance.


Hi Kelly!

I think that the most useful source of information about working with horses is a new book by Bonnie Kreitler, called 50 CAREERS WITH HORSES. It's published by Breakthrough, and you can reach them at 1-800-824-5000.

This book will give her information about stable management and many other possible careers, tell her what sort of background each job requires, what sort of pay she can expect to get for each job, and how to start preparing for a career with horses.

My personal conviction is that although full-time work with horses can be rewarding, it generally does not pay well enough or provide enough benefits to offer a very secure living. Full-time work with horses also -- in my experience -- will leave her with very little, if any, time for her own horses and her own riding. And success in the world of full-time horse care depends to a great extent on how strong and healthy an individual is. If she never gets sick, is very strong, and doesn't need much sleep, she might be able to handle it!

My suggestion to her and others would be this: go to college and study something that interests you and that will allow you to make a good living, so that you will have the time and money to take lessons, own a horse or two, and enjoy horses as a hobby rather than as a career.

If you want to have a career with horses, college is STILL a good idea!

Either way, I recommend Bonnie Kreitler's book -- and Kelly, you might want to read this book too! I'm sure you could buy a copy for the Extension office, or ask the University library to add a copy to its collection. Or your "young person" could ask her local library to purchase a copy for its collection.

- Jessica

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