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Stock trailers

From: Tammy

I have read a few of your replies regarding trailers and what type is best. In my area, stock trailers are the most common type of trailer for hauling horses. We have few problems loading, the horses can easily stand at a slant and the price is considerably less. Is there a stigma of sorts against recommending these types of trailers? Is there a danger in using these that I am not aware of?

Hi Tammy! I like stock trailers very much, for all the reasons you've cited, and also because I always think that the simpler ANYTHING is, the fewer things there are that can go wrong or need repair...

In some areas, though, stock trailers may not be as practical as fully-enclosed trailers with windows, because of weather or road conditions. Some people still prefer them, buy them, and get around the problem of too-cold winds blowing through the trailer in the winter by using plywood to block the open areas. And now it's possible to buy plexiglass inserts for the open areas on many stock trailers -- a friend of mine in Montana has done precisely that, and loves the result.

I think that it simply depends on what you want in a trailer. Stock trailers give you an easy way to get your horses from here to there, and if you're a minimalist, a stock trailer may be ideal. But if showing is your passion, and what you want in a trailer is all-weather protection for clipped show horses, interior lights and vents and fans, mangers and ties and partitions to keep your horses from rubbing their braids, a closed tack-storage compartment with lights and saddle and bridle racks, and a dressing room, then other types of trailers will probably appeal to you more.

- Jessica

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