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Usually quiet Saddlebred bolts by Aneda

In support of helmets. Three years ago I was riding my 6 year old, quiet-mannered saddlebred who needed strong encouragement for forward motion at that time. My helmet is always on my head if I am on a horse. This is how it has been since I was 11 years old and I am past 50 now.

No one knows, that includes me, what happened but this horse took off haulin' like nothing I have ever been on or seen. We still have no idea whether he was stung by a bee or bitten by a horse fly or just decided to run but I could not stop nor slow him down so I picked a place after 3 times around and countless measures to turn him, slow him or get his attention. Spilling him, 16 hands 1 " and me 5"2" was not an option so I baled out.

When I realized I was alive, I was at the picnic table with a frozen bag of peas on my eye but everything else seemed OK! I never had a headache nor vision problems. Had a few bruised ribs and the chiropractor had some adjustments to make but all in all, I was OK.

My riding helmet, however, was cracked up about 6" from the bottom of the back of the helmet. It probably saved my life! People at the barn where I board let children ride barrel horses, go out in the woods, gallop around etc., and the only two people who wear helmets are my friend and myself.

It only takes one fall regardless of the cause. I will post the letter your sent from the woman whose horse got stung by a bee. At least I wish the children wore helmets.

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