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Devoted helmet wearer by Tania

I am a devoted helmet wearer. When I started riding at age 9 wearing a helmet became habit simply because my parents wouldn't let me ride without it and threatened that if they ever caught me without it, they'd sell my horse.

I didn't fully understand their fear until 4 years later. One of my Pony Club friends was killed when her horse shied on a road ride, throwing her onto the road. She died in hospital from the head injuries. She wasn't wearing a helmet.

My saddest recollection is that earlier that day we attended a jumping day where she won her first ribbon - I can still remember her grin. Sadly, later that day she took her other horse out hacking & didn't get to win any more ribbons.

I am now 30 and have never once ridden without a helmet. I always remember that you need your helmet when you least expect it.

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