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Helmet thanks by Diana

That awful crack you heard this weekend was my head hitting the ground after my nice horse took a fright, reared and spun. The reason I'm able to write you today, is because of the article you added last week about wearing your helmet. I have always worn a helmet, EXCEPT when I go to these western-style shows. No one there is wearing a helmet, so I have thought in the past, it must not really be so necessary. I read your article last week and realized how dumb I had been. This weekend, in a trail class, I had to back my horse into and out of a tent tunnel. As he backed out, his hind foot caught in the frame and the tunnel structure, tent and all, lifted up and started to come up over us. He (understandably) took fright and I flew off. Because of your article, I had earlier gone back to get my helmet and had it on. The crack of the helmet hitting the hard ground was so loud you could hear it all over the grounds. Thank you for, indeed, certainly saving my mind, and possibly my life.

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