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my helmet saved my life (probably) by Craig

One morning a couple of years ago I was riding my big TWH next to my asphault driveway. Something or someone (probably driving down the highway that the driveway pulls off of) apparently spooked him. I have permanantly lost all memory of events from 10 minutes prior to the incident until "coming around" at the hospital 8-9 hours later.

Someone saw me "out" on the side of the road and called an ambulance. A neighbor found my horse (his chest was all scratched up from the fall, but otherwise OK) and put him up for me. My helmet was cracked like an egg. My collarbone was broken (VERY painful recovery). I had a "mild concussion" (the doc said I probably would have been killed or permanently disabled if I had not had a helmet on). It took 8 months for the dizziness to subside. I still am more susceptible to dizziness than before the fall.

Maybe 10% (and THAT'S optimistic) of the riders I see are helmetless here. My story seems to make little impression on most. I simply do not understand. Guess it's an "image" thing. The only important "image thing" with me is the one of me or a loved one in a casket.

take heed.........

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