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just a 5 minute ride... by Kate

So, I walked back to the car (5 minutes walk away) strapped on my helmet & riding boots and hopped on... and the horse bolted as I slid my foot into the offside stirrup. We were in a large field, and I came off after about 100 metres... unlike some of the other readers, I hadn't had any experience in falling, so I did it the painful way...

Helmet was okay, horse was okay, and so I was I. I was sore all over - but I got up and went home to a hot bath. And no - he really wasn't suitable for me to buy:-)

I'd always been a helmet fanatic, but after this accident, which happened 5 years ago, I ALWAYS put it on, even for a 5 minute ride on a wonderful horse. I also wear a body protector when riding now, as my back was quite sore for weeks after that accident.

Also, I just want to comment on helmet replacement - we all know you need to replace them after a fall, but you also need to replace them periodically if you keep it (as I do) in the car during summer, as it affects the helmet's ability to do it's job - check the label on yours. These days, I just buy myself a new helmet each year - and toss it at the end of the year. You can get quite stylish ATSM approved helmets, and can have a special one to go with your "show" gear. Better to spend the money on the helmet than the medical bills:-)

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