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no helmet leads to a sad story by Michelle

I board at a breeding farm that was run by father and son. Both are great natural horseman, great riders that breed and trained their own horses as well as took in problem horses to be re-trained.

About 3 years ago, the father had a small fall off a 14.2 hh horse, while he was trying to mount. This was not a problem horse, it was his own small horse that he rode many times. Unfortunately, this time when he fell he hit his head.

The first year he was in and out of the hospitals. We were all devistated to see this active, plucky older man reduced to a vegetative type person.

Now 3 years later, he can walk and talk, but he is frail, absent minded and can no longer be active with the horses.

All could have been prevented if he wore a helmet.

Worse of all, people still don't wear helmets at my barn!

Of course I always did, and I still do, everytime!

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