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Never take the chance by Kelly

As a child, I thought I was invincible. I never wore a helmet unless I was at a show, or out on the trail. I was jumping 4'-5' jumps, bareback, with no helmet. Thank God, I was okay. Now, I think back and I cringe thinking what could have happened. Even the most reliable, bomb proof, sure-footed animals can trip or get scared. Do you trip? Do you get startled? How can you expect a horse not to? As an adult, I never, ever get on a horse without helmet. Not for a walk in the yard, not for a jog down the street, nothing. I have a friend who doesn't like to wear her helmet, and no matter what awful stories I tell her, she still only wears a helmet when she is 'required' to do so. I pray that she will be okay each time she gets on. We all should wear our helmets--no matter what.

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