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Lexington helmet saved my life by Sarah

I have always ridden with a helmet, no matter what, since I first started riding at 7. When I was 17, I was training my horse (Beren) in jumping in an outdoor riding area. When we finished our last course, we cantered toward one of the other rings for our cool-down. It had rained several days before, but the ground was solid now. However, we passed under a tree as we were turning, and under the dry leaves was a thick layer of muddy clay. Beren's hind feet slipped out from underneath him while his front end stayed up, and I was slung sideways against the ground by the twisting motion. I was knocked unconsious, despite my helmet, and was out for about 20 minutes. Since I never jump unless other people are present, someone was available to called the paramedics immediately. I'm told that Beren was highly upset by my failure to get up and he kept everyone away from me (including the paramedics!) until the barn manager whom he knew came up and got him. I ended up with only a mild concussion, due to the fact that my Lexington helmet had broken my fall, literally, as it had cracked under the impact. Later that afternoon as my parents drove me home from the hospital, I convinced them to stop by the stable. (He was fine, and very very very relieved to see me) I contacted Lexington, and sent my helmet back to them. It turned out that they didn't make that particular helmet anymore, so instead of paying the $30 replacement fee, they sent me a brand new version free in exchange for the use of my story in advertising.

Morals of the story:

A) *ALWAYS* wear your helmet B) Check and triple check your footing. C) Don't jump alone. D) Make sure that someone your horse trusts is around. If the barn manager hadn't been there, the paramedics never would have been able to get me to the hospital for my CT scan.

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