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Another helmet does its job by Karen

Its a familiar story - the most dependable, quiet horse in the barn out for a short dressage "workout" in the outdoor riding ring. Something in the woods spooked him, and the next thing I remember is staggering in the back door of the barn trying to tell people that I am fine (I was not fine - I was left with a grade three concussion).

I apparently steered the bolting horse around the gate post that he was headed for, and came off as he abruptly changed direction at the back door of the barn. I hit the wall of the barn with my head hard enough to crack the window which is above the point of impact.

The helmet went with me to the emergency room, and the doctors made it prety clear that had I not been wearing the helmet, I would not have been going home that night.

I am fine now, and have kept the helmet to explain to newcomers to the barn why NO ONE gets on any of my horses without a helmet. Karen Pyra

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