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My instructor didn't forget her helmet by Erika

My instructor was out riding her horse to get her warmed up after a cold night. She was out in the field after walking around in the ring and was having a lot of fun! She had gone over a couple jumps and was going over another when her horse tripped and she went soaring into the air doing somersaults and landed hard on her back. Thanks to her helmet she got away with only a couple scratches and scares.

She sat up and her horse was standing by her nudging her. She sat up and fizz started coming out of her nose from the soda she drank earlier. She started to stand up and got a little dizzy so she waited tell her daughter eventually came out to ride with her and had to go back inside with her mother leaning on her shoulder. Even though she broke her helmet in the fall she still is very thankful for it.

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