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Everyone who rides with me wears a helmet...OR THEY DON'T RIDE!!!!! by Sylvie

I've been riding for over 30 years. I've ridden exercise for TB racing stables, hunt seat, jumper, reining, competitive trail (like endurance) Dressage (past 16 years) and hack. I was fortunate enough to have stated riding at a Belgian riding academy over 30+ years ago where the insisted on helmets. This is my foundation. I have never ridden without one, even in lessons with coaches who didn't require it (extraordinary that they wouldn't!). I have helped many people with their horses done some minor instruction and ride in groups. I always insist that everyone wear a helmet. I even have extras that I pass around!! Some people have rudely refused. People have ridiculed me. I DON'T CARE! They are invited to leave the group or lesson. Bless those coaches in Belgium who will probably never realize how many people's lives they have saved just by insisting I wear a helmet and ingraining this into my psyche. I have done my best to pass it on......

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