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Last jump of the session by Katherine

I was at a cross country clinic held at the barn I boarded at. I was riding my qh gelding and was having a great time. We jumped huge jumps, downhill, into water, everything. We were wrapping up and we decided to jump a 12 inch telephone pole jump as to end on a good note. My horse was coldbacked and i always had to be careful. Anyway, he jumped it short and I landed on his back. Last thing I remember was his pretty dun shoulder as I came off the side. My friend filled me in on the rest. I landed on the back of my head with a crack and sat up swaying. They made me lay down and brought a car up to the field to bring me back to the farm. I was taken to the hospital when I started thinking I was going to throwup. I was kept overnight with a concussion (my eyes were hurting for days). The next day I went to the barn and my helmet had a HUGE crack right down the back of it. I don't think I would be here if it weren't for my helmet and if I were I don't I'd be doing much except for being force fed. I never ride without my helmet now and am known to annoy my friends at the barn by trying to get them to wear one too. I won't ride with my friendsif they won't wear a helmet as 'Im not going to be the one trying to hold your brains in while the paramedics come. Since then I got a new helmet, a body protector and break away stirrups. An ounce of prevention will allow me to continue the sport I love. It isn't worth it.

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