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no hat-no brains by Gayle

Peppe was my favourite riding school horse. He had a lot of character. In those days it was not compulsory to wear hard hatrs in riding schools. I didn't. Peppe liked to go from zero to flat out in one millesecond. He had been a competition pony. He also hated motor bikes, so of course we met one whilst out on a ride one day. I wasn't ready-he was, so we parted company. I somersaulted off his back and hit the base of my neck on the hard rocky ground. Although I was feeling very sick, I caught him and rode him back to the stables, got in my car, drove home, then went into a fog. X-rays, doctors, chiropractors and the legacy of a "spur" on my spine are the result. I am one of the"lucky" ones. No-one around me rides hatless, now. Not even for that "short" walk from the paddock.

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