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Even "Celebrities" should wear helmets by Jill

Meanwhile, all the rest of us "experienced" riders had helmets on. I told him he really needed to wear a helmet. He again declined, not liking how they looked, I think. I again said he really HAD to wear a helmet. At that point, the mare he had mounted (without a helmet on his head) spooked and would have taken off if my friend hadn't caught the reins. It took a few moments for my friend to calm this mare down, while he held on for dear life. After that, and after a few more moments of discussion, he decided he would wear a helmet after all. We all breathed a sigh of relief and took off on our trail ride. I was glad, because if he had not worn the helmet, I told my friends that I would not have gone on the ride. As the "experienced" riders, I feel it was our responsibility to require he wear a helmet, not just ask if he would. After all, it would have been us who would have had to "pick up the pieces" if he'd had a bad fall - not something I like doing. By the way, his saddle slipped on the way back from our ride, he ended up falling off and his mare took off, trying to buck the saddle off. I know he was certainly glad to have a helmet on then...(luckily, he was not hurt in the fall - just a little shaken) The moral of this story? Nobody is too cool or too famous to wear a helmet!

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