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My Grandmas insisted on my helmet and not my Cowboy Hat by Kyndra

My daughter was preparing to go into her first event of the day, at her first out of town rodeo, when her horse balked at the gate and got spooked by several gentlemen surroundnig him , trying to force him into the gate. Frankie, her horse sat back on his hocks to get away from the jerking on his reins,lost his balance and rolled over backwards onto my daughter`s left side. Her leg is nerve damaged pretty badly from the saddle horn imprinting in her from the horse`s weight. Both Grandma`s had come to her rodeo and demanded she wear her helmet for safety and not her Cowboy Hat. Thank goodness she put on her helmet, as the Helmet was cracked all the way up the back and also had a hole in it from landing on a rock. The outcome was not good, but my little girl is still with us today, and that is what matters most of all. Had she had her Cowboy Hat on, I am afraid the outcome would not have been a good one. I cannot encourage enough for kids, even adults to waer a helmet.

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