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Helmets for all! by Cat

Years ago, when taking a jumping lesson for the first time, I was on a horse that was too strong for me and a trainer that lacked better judgement (she had me jumping on gravel).

It so happens my sister decided to come and watch me that day. It was so embarrassing when this horse refused the jump, and I went over like a sack of potatoes. My sister said I literally did a double somersault in the air and landed on my head.

All I remember was ending up on the ground, not the actual "sailing through the air" part, feeling completely disoriented and shaking like a leaf. I finally got up the courage to get back on and go over the jump.

It was only until after that I realized I had the biggest dent in my helmet. To this day, I always wear a helmet and think those riders who don't are completely ignorant and only hope nothing like this ever happens to them.

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