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Helmets May Not Look "Cool" BUT... by Ellen

I took a pretty bad fall about a year ago. It was my own fault. I was walking my horse from the ground, getting her used to being out alone. It was February and I got cold, so even though I knew better I climbed aboard thinking we'd get home faster. She had a saddle and bridle on, but I had NO HELMET and no boots - just HIKING SHOES. What an idiot! My horse started her dancing before I even hit the saddle, but I still got on - even more of an idiot! My horse bucked and I flew through the air, hitting frozen ground on my hip, then shoulder, then head. I was stunned and shocky but was EXTREMELY LUCKY. I whacked out my back but my head escaped serious injury with only a headache. If my head had hit the ground first I hate to think what would have happened. I figure that was a wake-up call from God, and I ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS wear my helmet now. Even if I get on for 1 minute. That 1 minute of is just not worth risking my brain.

Even though most of my friends don't. They're intelligent, thoughtful folks, but they wear their cowboy hats instead, I imagine because it looks more cool. Or they say something like "I wear a helmet if I'm riding a difficult horse." Well, just last weekend my friend was riding a horse in an arena with hogsfuel footing - fairly soft stuff. The horse took to bucking like a bronc, his head was down between his legs! She flew off and hit the ground so hard she bounced off hogsfuel - that's gotta be pretty damn hard. She landed on her tailbone and bounced onto her head - with NO HELMET. She has a severe concussion and a bruised kidney and tailbone. It takes my breath away when I think about her brain bashing back and forth inside her skull. She maintains she will still not wear a helmet. I'll pray for her safety - and that she is enlightened before something more terrible happens.

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