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Crazy drivers and young horses by Kathy

A couple of years ago, I was training a quiet, young gelding. While riding the one mile to our public arena, it was necessary to ride about 1/2 mile in light traffic. As I came along an open field, a plowing farmer noticed my horse getting jumpy about the noise his tractor made. He courteously stopped the engine and waited till we passed. My three year old gelding was just settling down, as a car came upon us. Instead of slowing or stopping, the jerk driver turned his car into some gravel along the shoulder, skittering it all over the road, and then drove directly at me and my gelding, full speed. That was my young horse's undoing. He leapt out from under me, and I hit the asphalt HARD. When I opened my eyes, the tire of the car was right next to my head. I staggered to my feet and the car sped away. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the license. I caught my horse; he stopped just down the street. My helmet was trashed but I had no permanent damage. Headache? You bet? Sore all over? You bet. Dead? no, because I always wear a helmet.

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