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Helmets NOW a must by Connie

I am a 33 yr. old experienced rider who has never worn a helemet - EVER. While riding a green 3 yr old stallion I came off. I can't actually tell all of you what happened because I only remember saddling, and mounting this young fellow the next thing I remember I was in the small local hospital getting a full body x-ray. After that the next memory I have is being at the City University Hospital getting a CAT scan done. Diagnosis - severe cucusion. Luckly I had no broken bones, just a massive headache, lost ego,and the sad realization that it could happen to anyone - even me. Even though he never bucked before and hasn't buck since this has stopped and made me think (while I still can). I have 9 kids, 2 biological kids, 3 foster children, and 4 step children (the last 4 live with their mother). How can i preach to them about safty on horses when i don't even do it. I have worn a helmet on every ride since that date and so has anyone else that wasnts to ride a horse on my farm. Better late than never.

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