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Head hits round pen railing by Betty

My helmet saved my skull from being damaged after being bucked off my 8 year old arab/QH cross mare. I dont know if the cinch was possibly to tight or she decided she didnt want me on her back that day back in September. I had just mounted to do some practice turns in the round pen, and go for a short trail ride that day. That mare went into a nice spin and headed for the railing, and then her head went down a few times and her back end went up. Well, when she was in the up position I felt like I was in the rodeo. She was moving very fast and I went off on the right side. My head and right sholder hit the top railing at one time, and my hip and leg hit the other railing right below me.

It knocked the wind out of me and I saw stars and it seemed like I laid on the ground forever. The impact on the railings left me with a hair line crack in my helmet and with three cracked ribs, including aches and pains. I know if I was not wearing a helmet that day I would of been spending some time in the hospital instead of making a visit to the doctor's office.

I have two daughters that ride, and they do not ride unless they wear a helmet. Their safety is to important not to wear one while riding.

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