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Wear it EVERY time by Alison Farrin

After 23 miles on the trail, I was pretty sure my horse had settled down for the day. At a water stop, my horse had his head in the half barrel, drinking deeply, when someone handed me a plastic cup to pass to the next rider. The plastic cup made a crinkling sound.

I'm told my horse did a flying forward leap over the water barrel, I flipped backward off the horse and somersaulted to a three point landing on my head and knees. I'm told they caught my horse and I got back on and rode off, junior rider in tow.

About 1/2 mile down the trail, I turned and asked the junior what had just happened, as I remembered nothing after entering the water stop. Back at camp, my visor was destroyed, my helmet had a nice crack in it from the front halfway back and I had a goose egg sized lump above my left eye. I lost about 7 minutes of my life; without the helmet, I would have lost my life.

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