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thank God for adult fears by Chris

As a child my friends and I rode our horses everywhere . Galloping up the road , lazing around in fields on our horses bareback with halters and leadropes. Sitting forwards , backwards, sideways, laying down you name it. We had no fear. And no helmets .EVER. After a horseless adulthood and raising a child I was in a position to buy my first horse as a grownup. What I found out was that I had fears that I did'nt have as a child . So when I mounted my new quarterhorse cross one evening alone in my field I decided I should wear a helmet. I still had the confidence to ride bareback in fact I've always felt safer that way. After riding for about 15 minutes my horse froze. I felt his fear but could'nt tell what he was afraid of. I calmed him for an instant and in the next second he spun completely around and bolted. I dont remember much after that but I do remember feeling completely out of control. My horse was in a full gallop now heading for the barn. I sure did'nt have the seat I had as a kid and I felt myself coming off . It seemed to take awhile and I remember hanging off the side of him and realizing I was going no matter what and just letting myself go. I hit hard and I think I was unconscious for a moment. I dont remember walking back to the barn or removing his bridle but I must have because it was off. I called a friend who insisted I go to the emergency room.I was xrayed and luckily only had a mild concussion. I was pretty bruised up and sore but I was ok. When I got home I examined my helmet. What I found sent a chill up my spine. There was a large crack running up the back of the helmet. It was a harsh reality to know that if I had not worn that helmet I would be either dead or a vegetable. I did'nt hit a rock or a road just dirt . I get the ribbing for wearing a helmet and I just laugh . It does'nt bother me a bit. I even wear it for team penning and other western events where helmets are not the norm. It gives me more confidence and makes me a better rider. So once again I thank God for adult fears.

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