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Convincing Cowboys/girls to wear a helmet by Leanne

I came to USA for a horse holiday with friends in 2000 during the Sydney Olympics. I found room to pack my helmet. I had promised my family I would never ride without a helmet and never do.

When in USA I was laughed at for wearing my helmet (I traveled through the Mid West) because I was perceived as being a scared rider and needing protection. I just said I would have the last laugh if I came off and hit my head. Anyway one of the cowboy riders decided to give this helmet thing a go along with his concerned wife. Well as fate happens 2 weeks after I left them they had purchased helmets and on the first ride with them Nancy (cowgirl) was dismounting when her horse spooked, she got her foot tangled in the stirrup and the reins also hooked her. Her horse careened through a gate and she smacked her head on a gatepost. The damage to the helmet was extensive, Nancy still ended up in hospital with injuries and concussion but at least she didn't end up in the morgue, which is where she would have been without her helmet.

So I can proudly say I saved her life by my visit. Both she and her husband are now dedicated helmet wearers. Even cowfolk can be retrained!

Leanne - Sydney Australia

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