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Helmets by Cindy

Almost 2 months ago, on Sept. 21, I went out for a ride in the county park with my 14 yr. old daughter and two of my friends. Everything was going wonderful until when I stood still on my horse, something got her in the chest and she went totally goofy. She was trying to get at her chest with her mouth while spinning in circles. Finally she fell over and I was thrown clear of her on my head. My Troxel helmet broke, and I ended up with a concussion and a seizure. But I am here to tell people about it. I grew up with horses all my life, riding all my life without helmets as a kid, living on a working farm. In my adult life I started to wear a helmet when I knew I had to set an example for my daughter when she started riding. Why did she need one if I did't? I'm thankful she made me set that example. Instead of sending the helmet back to Troxel, bless that company, I took it to the local county 4-H group to show what can happen under even the best of riding conditions. That helmet is on permanent display now for all those that think that as soon as they are not under the 4-H rule they can shed their helmets. I can guarantee my daughter, after what she witnessed, will never ride without a helmet.

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