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Head First Into The Arena Wall by Leslie Powers

I had been riding a very nervous Polo Pony and working with her so she could become a lesson horse. I wore my helmet on trail rides and when I jumped, but not when I did flat work - big mistake. On this particular day, my mare was very edgy and after a 30-minute ride I turned her into the centre of the indoor arena to dismount. Just as I dropped my stirrups and shifted my weight, my mare bucked and bolted towards the wall. At the wall she made a sharp right turn and I continued into the wall - head first. I blacked out briefly and the next thing I remember I was in emergency. After stithces, a CAT scan, I was released and went home. The result of not wearing a hat left me with a seroius concussion, stitches and an eye so swollen and blue that I couldn't go out for one week. But I was lucky - I just as easily could have been killed. Now I feel naked without my helmet and I wouldn't even sit on a horse without one on.

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