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My horse fell on me in a deep water obstacle on an Endurance Ride by Cathy

My son-in-law and I were just at the beginning of what was to have been his first Endurance Ride. We had only been out about 20 minutes when we came up on what looked like a typical water obstacle. The 2 horses in front of us didn't want to go in the water. My Paso has never had a problem with water. He lunged in. He was about half way across when the water got very deep and he lost his footing. I went off, he went down and in his struggle to get up he kicked me 3 times. The first time was squarely in the area just above the temple. I felt my helmet crack on impact. The other two kicks were minor in comparison. I remember thinking is he ever going to stop kicking me. I was totally submerged during this. He managed to get out and was missing for hours. Once I was able to get out of the water I looked at my helmet and knew if I hadn't been wearing it I wouldn't be alive today. I got the hard luck award at the awards meeting. I took my helmet and showed everyone. There were looks of horror on many faces. I hope I changed at least one persons mind about wearing helmets. My niece who is a pony clubber will be taking the helmet to her next meeting.

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