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Gymkhana Concussion by Caitlin

I was in a accident at the Spring Stampede while doing one of the Gymkhana courses. The only thing that kept me from being dead or in rehab now was my helmet.

I don't remember very much after I fell. The only thing I remember was struggling to get my feet out of the stirrups and waking up in a hospital hallway. I couldn't remember what horse I was on, what course we were doing or anything. When I woke up, I didn't know how I got to the hospital. I didn't remember going through X-rays or having a catscan.

I used to complain that I didn't want to wear my helmet because it looked dorkey and stupid. But now I am glad my parents made me wear it. There was about a 4 inch crack in my helmet, that could have been my skull.

Today, I see many young kids not wearing helmets while they ride. Maybe because they think they look dumb or it makes them feel stupid. Well, I want you to remember about my accident and what I told you about the crack in my helmet. REMEMBER when you go into the arena... Is it worth risking your life to look good when all you simply have to do is wear a helmet? You think... what are the odds of something like this ever happening to me? Well, I used to think the same thing...


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