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It's a long way down! by Chris

"It's a long way down and I'm going"......that's the last thing I remember before a fell off of my Shire (17 hand) gelding when he bolted through a field. It was a leisurely ride, one that my hubby and I look forward to at least once a week (sometimes more) and I had always trusted "Sire the Shire", since he was such a docile soul at the age of 15. I hadn't worn a helmet in about 2 years and had been riding since I was a kid. (Back then we didn't use the "fancy stuff" found a peice of baling twine and tied it onto their halter, jumped on bareback with no shoes and off you went.) I was riding in an Aussie saddle that I loved for the comfort and fit of the big guy and myself. Why he bolted I don't know, but by the time my hubby realized what was going on and was able to get back to me about 4-5 minutes had passed and I was just becoming conscious with the help of a kindly motorist who saw my horse running and me lying there. About 10 minutes later is where my memory starts. I remember being strapped to the board and loaded in to be taken to the hospital.......I remember the tests at the hospital..........the Dr. telling me that I had a bruise on the brain and needed to be transferred to a trauma center.........being put back on the board and transported.......more tests.........and thankfully a happy outcome. More importantly.......I WILL NEVER GET ON A HORSE WITHOUT A HELMET!!!!

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