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Life Saving $15.00 Helmet purchase by Robin

Two of my friends and I were enjoying a nice ride at the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. We had ridden fairly hard, trotting and cantering. As we were winding down and coming back in we came to a small incline. I was in the middle. My Missouri Fox Trotter had been doing well and I was pleased with him. I have not had him but alittle over a year and being only 5 he still has a few "kid quirks".

For some reason, he crow hopped twice. Unseating me on the first one and throwing me with the second. I flew over his head and landed right the right side of my skull, face down. My glasses were pushed into my face, my nose was bruised and I had two huge black eyes, but I never lost my senses. I was wearing a new helmet that day. I had bought it at Tractor Supply for $15.00 because the box was lost. It fit perfectly and was so comfortable. I hate I had to replace it so quickly after wearing it for the first time. Fortunately, I had it on. I cannot imagine what damage would have certainly been done without it. I may not have been here to tell this story. Thank you, God. He led me to that helmet. It was not even on the shelf with the other helmets, rather setting on a box towards the back of the store. I was meant to find it, buy it and ultimetly wear it!!

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