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girth breaks at full gallop by raven

I was out at the beach with my doctor (how ironic), taking in a afternoon beach ride. We were a half-hour into the ride,when all hell and my saddle broke loose. We were travelling at an all out gallup when I felt the saddle shift to the left and my horse shift to the right. We were travelling about 40 mph when I knew I was going to fall. I remember saying to myself 'relax and roll'. I managed to roll as I fell, did a quick sommer-sault and came to rest on my back. I hit my head on the wet sand and 'the lights flickered' for a spell. I put my hands up to my troxel helmet and said aloud, 'thank you!'. Shortly thereafter, my doctor( a bio-mechanics specialist) found me wandering up to her, and checked me over. She said that at the speed at which we were traveling, she was astonished that I was intact and could walk around. My helmet had a pancake size impression on the back end and I only ended up with a few bruises and a stiff neck for a few days. Needless to say, I love my helmet! :)I wear it EVERYTIME I ride :)

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