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Always wear helmet, even if on the horse for just a minute by Stephanie

Last week, my friend's 9-year-old daughter was posing for pictures with her pony. For one picture, she sat on her pony's back, with no helmet and no bridle. Everyone thought she would be safe; after all, it was just for one picture. She would be off the pony in less than a minute. Well, she was off the pony in less than a minute - head first. The flash from the camera spooked the normally quiet pony, who took off at a gallop. With no reins, the girl could not control her pony and eventually fell off. She was lucky that she only had a headache, instead of a concussion or worse. The moral to this story is always wear your helmet and always bridle your horse, even if you will only be on a minute. After all, it takes less than a minute for something to happen.

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