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A helmet saved my student by Betty

Nina had been riding at my stable for just at a year. She was a good rider and had a balanced seat and educated hands. She was riding a 5 year old mare one day this spring inside nearly at the end of her hour lesson. For an unknown reason this gentle little horse bolted and ran full blast. Nina was catapulted out of the saddle and did a homebase slide into a wooden tack box. She was crying and sniffing and I decided to look over her helmet to be sure the lining had not been compressed. To my horror I found a crack 2 1/2 inches long completely through the styrofoam and up into the crown of the helmet. I felt my stomach roll as I pictured what could have been the outcome. The outter skin had stayed in tack but was creased. If the outter skin had given away Nina's head would have contacted the wooden box. She had a slight concussion and the Dr was very impressed that she had been wearing a helmet especially since she was riding western. At my stable ALL riders wear a helmet and I am one grateful instructor that Nina is still able to walk, talk and giggle today because every ride every time is our motto at Breezy Bluff.

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